"38" womens day, tribute to Guoliang company "half sky"

Women are red and women can top half the sky.

Guoliang company has such a group of "lovely" people, they in their respective jobs, love post dedication, willing to dedicate, not to let the eyebrows. On the occasion of this year's International Women's Day, the celebration of Guoliang women's fellow countrymen is a different style!
The company's labor union condolences to Fan Guiqin, a difficult female worker.
On March 6, Vice President of Enterprise Management Sheng Gaoxia and President of the Trade Union Zhang Shaoyu sent festival greetings to Fan Guiqin, a female worker with difficulties in the company. On behalf of the trade union of the company, President Zhang inquired about her family life in detail and encouraged her to face difficulties with optimism and live a good life as soon as possible.
On March 8th, the chairman of the board of directors of the company, Dong Guoliang, urges managerial cadres at all levels to pay close attention to the work and life of women workers, understand their needs, provide precise services, help them solve their difficulties and build a platform for their success.
"38" red flag is shining.
On the afternoon of March 8, in order to celebrate the March 8 International Women's Day, further consolidate women's power, inspire women employees to continuously improve their skills and promote women's spirit of the times, and commend Guoliang Company for the outstanding female workers who emerged in different fronts in 2017, Guoliang Company held the "2018 Celebration 3" in the conference room on the third floor of the staff's home. Eight forum.
At the symposium, Vice President of Enterprise Management Sheng Gaoxia and Trade Union Chairman Zhang Shaoyu made speeches on behalf of the company's leading group and trade union respectively, unanimously affirming the contributions made by the vast number of female employees in their respective positions, encouraging everyone to make further efforts in the new era and the new year, and continuing to play a "half-way" for the development of the company. The power of heaven.
Representatives of the "March 8th Red Flag-bearers" and women employees from different departments and positions spoke enthusiastically, showing their gratitude to the company, bringing joy to their work and happy life. They expressed their desire to set off a "steady, falling, raising and creating" trend with the help of the company's "100 days of hard work". In her post, she shows her elegant demeanour.
At the meeting, Vice President of Finance Cui Ying, on behalf of an ordinary female staff, shared the experience of growing up in the company, and called on the broad masses of female compatriots self-esteem, self-reliance, self-improvement, play light and heat, with responsibility and shoulder half the sky, and make new contributions!




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