SJ95-FMS900G DOUBLE SIDED AUTOMATIC VERSION Plastic Extrusion Laminating Machine High Performance BO


SJ95-FMS900G Plastic extrusion laminating machine adopts double main machine, double die head and double compound roller,and four station BOPP color printing film automatic delivery by servo motor, film connection automatically, woven bag connected automatically, roll change of rewinding automatically, in which all functions of high-speed production, centralized control of all data, the joint can be controlled within 2 m from bag for printing connection and cut off automatically;

The double-sided color printing pattern with high-speed camera is used to automatic collect pattern, and alignment of the pattern is completed quickly in 10 bags.The edge cutting adopts intelligent thickness measurement to ensure that all products can achieve automatic edge cutting that it is no special technical requirements for operators .

This machine is controlled by intelligent control, all operation is simple and fast. Widely used in soft packaging industry, such as rice bags, cement bags and so on.